Summer cottage for rent
Situated near Stubbekøbing on island Falster, Denmark
The cottage is situated on a dead end road in calm surroundings, in Ore Strand near Stubbekøbing, only 300 meter from the beach.
The Cottage includes: Letter:
  • Large living room with exit to private garden
  • Renovated kitchen
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Kids room with bunk bed
  • Parents room with dubbel bed
  • Annex with two beds
  • Cable-tv
Kim Christiansen &
Benedikte Sølberg
Skovparken 2 st. th.
3060 Espergærde
The cottage is suitable for discovering nature, beaches and maybe a gulf course. It is also starting point for visits to the many amusement parks and tourist attractions in the area.

Copenhagen is only app. 1½ hours away, either by car or by train.